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Master of Psychology and Master of Pedagogy, in process of doing the specialization of clinical child psychology and its family. I have also a Certificate of Sensory Integration Biodynamic Breath & Trauma Release therapist (BBTR).

I have 11 years of experience with different kind of methods working with the body: as a participant in many workshops of Hatha Yogi (Grzegorz Nieścier, Leszek Kawa, Gabriella Giubilaro, Amrita Yoga in Inidia ), Psychosomotherapy , Movement Therapy (Kama Korytowska), Integrative System Psychosomotherapy, Tantra Yogi (Luczis), Holy Womanhood (Arapata TeMaari Aiono), Original Play dr F. Donaldsona. In my work as a therapist I not only relay on my experience, but I also use such tools as intuition, countertransference and being presence together with the other person, accompanying him in “his way of transition”.