location: Bali, Berlin
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Monika has traveled the world, experiencing different cultures and realities, discovering what connects us all.

Within the dualistic world of appearances, she has kept her attention on the essence that permeates all, inspiring people to become aware of that very essence within their own being.

Over the years her Yoga practice and professional Body Work (she holds a diploma in Remedial Massage) has made her aware of the profound, transformative, self empowering tool: Breath. 

Monika has trained Biodynamic Breath Work and Trauma Release with Giten Tonkov and Nisarga, Alchemy of Breath with Anthony Abbagnano, and Vivation with Paul Hughes, as well as practicing Pranayama and Mindfulness Meditation for over 20 years.

Breath work reconnects us to the free flow of life-force energy, enabling us to clear what holds us back and uncover our authentic expression of pure potential. 

It is a modality which addresses core issues instead of symptoms. It unlocks and releases the tension patterns held within. 

The body's interrupted impulses caused by traumatic events can be completed, while deeply imprinted primal conditioning is reduced. By opening to trust the intrinsic wisdom of the body the foundation is layed, to remember the magic of who we truly are and the potential that lies within us.

Monika facilitates groups and individual sessions, in which she holds a safe space for energy to move into alignment, so it can be a fertile ground for healing and insight. She has introduced Breath work to a variety of modalities, co-creating with musicians, body workers, yoga teachers and detox specialists at reatreats as well as leadership trainings.