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London-UK, Newark-UK, Lake Atitlan- Costa Rica

Lisa exited a hectic London lifestyle in her mid twenties. After falling in love with Bikram yoga she decided to head east and to explore deeper many healing methods and ancient practises.

She trained as a Vinyassa yoga teacher, and during her training was introduced to breathwork. This became her passion, studying how to release the body from various control patterns and traumas through opening the breath. 

Lisa embarked on nearly a 10 year journey around the world studying different healing methods, ancient yogic practises and her own inner world.She further trained in the Usui Reiki system, Yin yoga teaching, Myo-fascial release bodywork and Qi flow massage, alongside various breathwork methods and her own study of yoga and breath. 

She is now bringing with her the exciting practise of Biodynamic Breath which she feels to be the most beneficial type of breathwork for finding full energetic integration in the body.

She also Travels with her creation the Breath Ceremony and can be found in many countries and festivals around the world, offering both group and private sessions.

Her aim in life is to help those who suffer unnecessarily to find inner peace and wholeness.

She can currently be found between UK, Central America and Europe.