Manchester/United Kingdom
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tel. +44 (0) 79 831 39566

Mark is a Masters Graduate in Microbiology and Molecular Biology and pursued his first in the Scientific Field.

After his successful scientific Career he engaged in his passion of 20 years and moved professionally into specific areas of human development and since 2012 has been working in the fields of Tantra, Relationship Coaching and Massage. In the 15 months that Mark has trained with Giten Tonkov, he has experienced the richness and potential of the BBTRS system as it applied to his own personal development, healing and transformation. All his training and experience have manifested fully in the BBTR system and in June 2016 he became a certified BBTRs practitioner to share this work with others with the aim of enabling them to realise their full potential.

He provides individual 1:1 BBTRs sessions, facilitates breath-work groups and larger workshops.  Mark is intuitive and empathic and creates the environment while working with his clients to enable them to experience life and love to the fullest using this unique and incredibly powerful system.

Primarily based in the UK, Mark also visits Ireland on a regular basis.