Biodynamic Breathwork Therapist & Trainer.

Giten Tonkov, Director of BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Institute, a worldwide learning entity, and co-creator of Energy Of Breath Institute in New York City has been on a journey of self-discovery since the early 1990s. Born in Ukraine and lived in New York for 24 years, Giten is a licensed Massage Therapist (Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in NYC) since 1994, and certified Breath & Body Oriented Therapist (Diamond Breath School at Miasto Meditation Institute, Italy) since 2001. Giten has been trained as well in a variety of meditative and healing modalities at Multiversity in OSHO Meditation Resort, Pune, India, where he later became a staff therapist.

His desire for personal growth and studies of bodywork, breath and trauma release took him to many different continents. Through 20 years of learning, personal exploration, life experience and working with countless clients and groups lead him to create BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release System. A body oriented therapy which he now teaches worldwide. Giten's passion for life, humility, playful attitude and love for people took him on personal journey and travel around the world. This created deeper understanding and compassion for human conditioning. Desire to be of service had become a driving force behind supporting others on their journey of personal growth and healing.

Currently Giten is based in Bali and the Greek Island of Levos at OSHO Afroz Meditation Center where he leads his groups and trainings. He also offers trainings and facilitates group processes in many countries around the world. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Director and Cofounder of the Integral Body Institute. He is  bodywork therapist, specialising in Myofascial Energetic Release and deep tissue work. An experienced teacher of Lomi Lomi Nui massage and Tantra. A graduate of 2-year BioDynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy in England. He has been practicing bodywork, breathwork, meditation and Tantra for over 10 years. 

On his way to mastery he reached to the sources of body and spirit work. Travelling through Asia, Europe and America he discovered what the human body really is and how important is listening to what it tells us. Sessions with another human being are a privilege for him. He loves what he does and his work brings him great fulfilment and joy. He admires his patients for their great courage, strength and the willingness to work on themselves.

Prema is a body-based therapist, group workshop facilitator and teacher who combines more than 20 years of experience in Eastern medicine, meditation, emotional release work, and body-mind therapies.  Her work is about guiding you in your journey to wholeness and clarity about who you really are.

By treating thousands of patients as a doctor of Chinese medicine she saw how vital our emotional health is for our physical health.  Looking for ways to help herself and her patients release stored trauma in the body, she trained in BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release and considers it a sacred honor to facilitate and teach this deeply healing system of breath work.  Her training also includes Somatic Experiencing®, Hakomi (a body-centered system of psychotherapy), Bodynamics and many additional healing modalities including Tantra, pulsation, and bioenergetic chakra therapy.

Her own personal journey has taken her from the homes of shamans in the jungles of Peru, to Sufi gatherings in Turkey, to the ashrams of India.  Prema’s focus is on transforming that which no longer serves you and creating a healthier, authentic and more passionate life.  Her website is www.SacredInquiry.com

Myofascial Energetic Release Therapist & Trainer.

Satyarthi Peloquin is a Bodywork Trainer, Co-Dependency Trainer and Leader of the the Path of Love Seminar.

He was born in San Francisco in 1952 and went through the Sixties as a teenager, then trained as a professional dancer.

In 1973, he studied Postural Integration and Oriental Medicine in California, where he led seminars and gave individual sessions.

In 1976, he traveled to Pune, India, to Osho Commune International, where he learned meditation and joined the staff of what rapidly became one of the world's biggest centers for therapy, bodywork and meditation.

He became a disciple of Osho, the enlightened Indian mystic.

Living in Osho's Commune for many years, he was given direct guidance from Osho on how to work with people, and was one of Osho's personal body workers.

During this time, he offered individual sessions, groups and trainings in a variety of bodywork and therapy methods, and co-developed Rebalancing, an internationally-acclaimed approach to deep massage.

Since 1971, Satyarthi has acquired a wide range of skills and has extensive experience in developing and leading bodywork trainings and personal development groups.

He leads Learning Love (Co Dependency) and Path of Love seminars internationally. And he loves to learn and is therefore always studying. Satyarthi has trained in Bodywork Postural Integration, Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Ayurvedic Massage, Spinal Manipulations, Joint Release, Neo Reichian Methods, and Therapy Co-Dependency (Learning Love) Path of Love, Family-Constellations, Somatic Experience (Trauma-Healing).

Satyarthi is known for his sense of humor and his sensitivity in teaching trainings and leading groups.

Simon has been involved in Eastern practices since the age of 5 where he was introduced to Judo and the elements of mindful practice in relation to body awareness and compassionate respect for others. At 13 he was introduced to a Benedictine monk who introduced him to western spiritual sciences of 'Teilhard de Chardin', and other western esoteric enlightenment systems. At 17 he came to study with Master Choy a Daoist master from China. Who taught the Taoist perspective to life, mindfulness, Qigong and internal cultivation. From there going to art Collage and studying as a painter and Graphic Designer, running Art studios. Deciding to leave the UK and be full time in Asia, Simon has been travelling and studying in India, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia and Bali. Practicing with Shamans and Yogis in Nepal, Chinese Masters in Malaysia and Bali and Divine Yogis and Tantra teachers in India and Bali, for the last 13 years. The culmination of these travels and practices has given a deeper understanding to the qualities and relationships to the connection between Mindfulness and the myofascial matrix, which is a profound passion to cultivate and share this incredible understanding through Yin Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness. To produce a mind body understanding towards freedom through compassion.