Integral Body Institute (IBI) was established in 2013 and is dedicated to offering courses of highest caliber. We are focused on training practitioners interested in gaining professional skills in body oriented healing modalities. Our focus is in working with Structural Integration, Pain Syndrome,  and Trauma Healing Trainings. IBI is offering Breath-work Training in Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release (BBTR) and Bodywork Training in Myofascial Energetic Release (MER). Our courses are not limited only to those wanting to become holistic practitioners but everyone invested in personal healing, growth and transformation. What sets our learning program apart is our focus on mediation as an integrative tool to support personal growth and learning process. IBI is certified and associated with American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and Polish National Ministry of Education (MEN) , which gives public recognition to educational institutions that meet highest standards of quality.


Body workers & massage therapists, yoga students & teachers, psychologists/psychotherapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists and other body oriented therapists and practitioners. This training will support all participants to deepen their understanding of and gain further professional skills to support others in body oriented trauma release.Through personal experience you learn to catalyze others on their path of transformation and healing via this profound holistic modality.


World where people are living healthy, passionate life, reconnecting with true essence of love, openes and individuality !
Humanity is living pain and trauma free life!


To bring more consciousness and healing to the body so the individuals and communities have the ability to live their full potential. This resulting in dealing with daily life in more aware, loving and joyful way.


Humanity, service, teaching, experiential methods, scientific study, learning the art of working with people and embodying a meditative approach, providing quality trainings in holistic body oriented therapy focused on the integration of body, mind, spirit and emotions.


Empathy, humbleness , humility, courage, dynamism, inclusive, compassion, evolvement.


  • * Profound transformation
  • * Lasting life changes
  • * Dropping deep conditioning and false beliefs
  • * Personal development
  • * Trauma release via the body, rather than mental processing
  • * Self trust
  • * Positive feeling
  • * Long lasting solution for there chronic pains
  • * Absolutely amazing , loving and humorous, I will come back
  • * Appreciate their professionalism and knowledge,  I learnt so much
  • * If the whole world was touched like that, it would turn into love


  • * the best medicine in the world
  • *  jumping down a rabbit hole
  • * soul surgery
  • * jumping of a cliff and finding a net
  • * jumping off a cliff and finding your freedom
  • * going where no man has gone before
  • * being reborn
  • * coming home
  • * the silence that comes into my body