Life Force Dynamics Qigong Complete Training System (LFD)
Level 1 Training, 15-21 June 2020

Pałac Nieznanice , 
ul. Sobieskiego 22A, Nieznanice, 42-270 Kłomnice 

Level 1 Training

  • Is specifically orientated to Realigning and strengthening our physical Body structure and Bio-Energy System, getting it ready for circulating and holding larger amounts of Qi produced in Level 2.
  • This is a process where we dissolve blockages from the joints and tissues of the body using specific set Qigong practices, clearly taught to each student for maximum understanding.
  • Through Lectures we will look closely into what is Qigong and does it work and how can we use it as a practise and in our lives.
  • We learn the foundation of what is qigong through lectures, physical practices and energetic exercises.
  • We learn how to sense and feel the moving Qi through the body and potentiate this with sensitivity exercises.
  • We understand how to form the 8 Qualities of Qi within our movements, Raising, Lowering, Opening, Closing, Gathering, Dispersing, Entering and Storing.
  • We understand the different Qualities of Qigong Breathing with, Embryonic Breathing, 5 Gates Breathing and Skin Breathing.
  • Using Specifically designed sets to strengthen the, Joints and Fascia.
  • Leaning a Complete form of Foundation Qigong and how to incorporate all the other elements into it.
  • All the way through you will be learning how to Increase, Gather, Balance, Transform and Store the Qi which you will create.
  • To begin looking into the martial self defence area of Qigong we look at simple push hands and how to create power in the body.
  • With our meditations practices we use Mindfulness to open us up to the sensitive world of Qi which is constantly fluctuating through and around all of us in every moment.
  • We will look at how to locate, understand and build Qi in the Body, how to circulate and Store for later use or to boost the immune system.
  • All practices are a safe complete foundation to strengthening our Bodies and Building up our reserves of Potential Energy

Qigong Practices

  • Balling the Ball - Connect to and directly feeling Qi
  • Dissolving Qi Blockages - Dissolving the energetic Blockages in the Joints and Tissues 
  • Joint Conditioning - Opening and Strengthening the joints 
  • 8 Qualities of Qi - Build and cultivate the 8 qualities of Opening, Closing, Raising, Lowering, Gathering, Entering, Dispersing and Storing Qi.
  • Push Hands 1 - Partner Exercises feeling Qi and the foundation to Martial Qigong
  • Tuning the Fascia - Working Deep into the Triple Burner and Fascia, releasing Tension and Building Energy.
  • Oceanic Spine - Work from the Core Spine, opening and releasing outwards
  • Shaking - Specific shaking sets to release tensions and blockages
  • Patting and Dredging - Condition the Fascia, strengthen the energy system and purge toxic Qi.
  • Sensitivity Training - Boost your listening and sensing Abilities
  • Foundation Standing Practice - Align your whole structure with Direct Bio-Tensegrity Integration.
  • Foundation Qigong Set - Complete 8 movement Foundation Qigong Set for boosting and opening your Qi Body.
  • MicroCosmic Orbit - Circulate the Qi you cultivated through the Qi reservoirs of your body, taking Qi into your immune system and organs.
  • Embryonic Breathing - Centre yourself, calm your mind and learn how to gather and centre your Qi use your breath and Lower Dantien. (Energy Centre)
  • 5 Gates Breathing - Deepen your understanding of Qi and Breath as we start to breath thee Qi in through 5 Opening in the Body.
  • Skin Breathing - Use your whole skin and feel your pores opening and closing using your skin to Breath.


  • What is Qigong - Complete Foundation to What is, How to Cultivate, How to Use and integrate Qigong in Your life.
  • 8 Steps of Qi Cultivation - Understand the levels to cultivate Qi, of locating Qi, Cleansing, Purging Toxic Qi, Gathering and Cultivating Qi, Storing Qi and Emitting Qi from the Body.
  • 3 Treasures - The 3 Levels that bind all life together, Jing - Essence and physical health. Qi - Bio-Energy. Shen - connection to your Vital Spirit
  • What is Qi - Feeling Qi, understanding it's qualities and how to work with it and use it.
  • Qi and Fascia - Learning the relationships of Qi and Fascia to produce a stronger Life-Force Energy.
  • 3 Dantiens - The 3 main energy centres in the Body, Lower, Middle and Upper Dantiens.
  • 4 Steps of Potential - Method of Locating Qi, Sticking to Qi, Building Qi and Becoming Qi


  • Centre + Grounding 1 to 4 - Fundamental Qi Meditations and Circulations
  • 3 Minds into 1 - Centering all parts of the Being into a unified whole
  • Emptiness - Sitting and being a vessel for whatever arises
  • Mindfulness - Using the Emptiness from the position of the centre of consciousness to be aware in each moment of all sensation and feeling without reaction.

 What is Life-Force Dynamics Qigong 

Life-Force Dynamics Qigong is a complete system of Body integrated Qigong. It has been created through many years of research and study to produce a system designed to free the body and Bio - energetic system from residual tensions, deep trauma, stress related symptoms and disease, realigning the Core structure of the Body, and giving a integrated understanding of our own Life-Force Energy, through graceful flowing Qigong forms, Energetic meditations, Breath techniques and a Journey into the 5 Element System.

The Life-Force Dynamics Qigong System Certified Practitioner Training is an invitation to explore our total being towards an ever evolving personal growth and self - understanding, offering a system for deep life long Personal Growth. This system restructures the very patterning of the tissues that create and support our physical body, Balance and Boost our Subtle Energy Body and realign us to the Deep truth and Direction of our Life's Potential, not just now but for the rest of our lives.

Program 2018/2019 

  • LFD Qigong Level 1 'Foundation…Jing'  (Foundation and Formation) - 6 days, 60 hours - 26 November 2018 - 2 December 2018, 20-26 May 2019
  • LFD Qigong Level 2 - 5 Elements Qigong…Qi (Boosting the Life-Force)  - 6 days, 60 hours, 14-20 October 2019
  • LFD Qigong Level 3 'Qigong…Shen' (Connection to Spirit)  - 6 days, 60 hours, 4-10 April 2019, 9-15 December 2019

LFD Qigong is recognised and accredited by AADP - The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (
After the Full Program has been Passed, each student can pay for accreditation through the A.A.D.P.
The LFD Qigong consists of a minimum of 180 hours divided into 3 Modules of 3 Levels, to be taken as a series of 6 Day workshops. 

Every student will receive a full informational manual for each level and also access to the webinars after each Level, giving possibility for further questions and answers. Video support of all Qigong forms and personal coaching and 1 to 1 sessions can be purchased additionally.

It is Highly recommended that between each Level the Techniques are practiced and a good level of accomplishment and personal integration is achieved before moving onto the next level. 

Training Subjects Covered in All 3 Levels

  • Foundation of Qigong Beginner to Advanced
  • Physical Qigong Forms
  • Meditations
  • 8 Levels of Qi Cultivation
  • Daoist Studies
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Subtle Body
  • Emotional Release
  • Mindfulness
  • Holding Space for Energy Work
  • 5 Element Theory
  • Life Integration
  • Meridian System and Acu Points
  • Foundations of Fascia
  • Qi and Bio-Energy
  • Trauma Release
  • Anatomy of Breath
  • Centering and Grounding Exercises
  • Psychic protection
  • Empathic Leadership
  • Personal Care and Management
  • Structuring your own Practice 
  • Qigong Therapy Techniques
  • Foundation Martial Qigong

This Training is For:

  1. This Training is specially designed for those looking for a deep pragmatic understanding and integration of Qigong, obtained under a professional certified system, utilised for self transformation and Personal Development.
  2. Those who have some physical / Energetic issues in their lives such as arthritis / Adrenal Burnout that are looking to recondition their lives with a Balanced integrated way of healing their lives.
  3. For those looking for a more efficient way of living their lives, from Business professional to Therapists, who constantly meets the demands of a high energy life style.
  4. For those that already have a Spiritual practice and would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding into the world of Qi and Qigong.

Life is a Constant from the moment we are born to the moment we die. Qigong gives us a simple yet profoundly effective way of balancing and understanding each moment until we pass from this life. The Banner of Qigong is '100 years of Health and Prosperity'. and Who doesn't want that.

Life offers us constant challenges, each of which takes a little bit of our Life-Force to meet and take on. Are you putting back into you whole being what you are taking out.

Are you putting more back into your system than you are taking out. As if your very being were a saving back for old age, a spiritual pension plan.

Do you know or are you somebody that suffers from low energy or recovering from accidents or Traumas. Would you like to offer that person or yourself understanding, relief and a way to rebuild themselves.


Then come and Learn to grow through all the levels of LFD Qigong, watch your life transform into a richer more integrated whole, able to meet life's challenges as they arise.

  • Dissolve the 'Residual Tensions' from your Body. Those aches and pains that don't seem to go no matter what you do.
  • Build and Strengthen all areas of your Life.
  • Release deep seated Traumas and old patterns that limit and how you down.
  • Integrate your Body / Mind / Qi / Emotions / Spirit
  • Come back to your centre and root yourself into your life path.
  • Release the Toxic Energy Stored in your Fascia and Organs, Cleanse and use it to Boost your immune system
  • Connect to Nature and Absorb the Energy from your environment

About Simon Calder

Simon has been involved in Eastern practices since the age of 5 where he was introduced to Judo and the elements of mindful practice in relation to body awareness and compassionate respect for others. At 13 he was introduced to a Benedictine monk who introduced him to western spiritual sciences of 'Teilhard de Chardin', and other western esoteric enlightenment systems. At 17 he came to study with Master Choy a Daoist master from China. Who taught the Taoist perspective to life, mindfulness, Qigong and internal cultivation. From there going to art Collage and studying as a painter and Graphic Designer, running Art studios. Deciding to leave the UK and be full time in Asia, Simon has been travelling and studying in India, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia and Bali. Practicing with Shamans and Yogis in Nepal, Chinese Masters in Malaysia and Bali and Divine Yogis and Tantra teachers in India and Bali, for the last 13 years. The culmination of these travels and practices has given a deeper understanding to the qualities and relationships to the connection between Mindfulness and the myofascial matrix, which is a profound passion to cultivate and share this incredible understanding through Yin Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness. To produce a mind body understanding towards freedom through compassion.

Daily Schedule:

  • 7.30-9.30am Practice
  • 10.30-1pm Lecture
  • 3-6pm Practice/Lecture
  • 7.30-8.30pm - Self Practice


  • Start Date: 15 June 2020, dinner at 7pm 
  • Finish Date: 21 June 2020, lunch at 2pm 
  • Price Course Total: 840 Euro, deposit: 150 eur
  • Venue: Pałac Nieznanice,
    ul. Sobieskiego 22A, Nieznanice, 42-270 Kłomnice
  • Total Price Accommodation & Food (6 days): 220eur
  • To apply for the the training, please write at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* You can start this training from any of the Modules 1 or 2. Before level 3 it is necessary to complete at least one of the previous levels (1 or 2)
* Deposits are nonrefundable
* Don’t hesitate to ask more at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or +48 662 382 453
* For each module you will receive a 60 hours certificate from Integral Body Institute