2 Days of connecting to the potential of Male Sexuality.

There is an ancient technique, from ancient China and india where Men can potentialise there sexual power.

No longer needing to ejaculate and loose up 40 of our life energy, in the moment, but use this energy to circulate around the body creating deep orgasmic releases, that build our energy, not loosing it.

Imagine lying next to your partner/lover after making love for hours. Still with your fullness of energy, and with a deeper connection to ourselves and our Partner / Lover. 

Each time we as men ejaculate we empty valuable life potentiating sustanses, such as testosterone, vitamins and minerals. Many scientific tests have been done around the loss of life energy and Male ejaculation, resulting in what most of us feel. A loss of energy and inspiration.

From Qigong our vital essence of Life is a substance called Jing. We loose a large amount of Jing each time we ejaculate.

Depleting the very substance that we require for a healthy, vibrant body.

In french it is called ‘Le Petite Mort’, the little death.

Imagine being able to maximise your sexual potential, to boost your ability to make love for hours without loosing your energy

Who is this for

  • Men looking to potentialise their sexual energy.
  • Men that would like to deepen their understanding with themselves.
  • Men that would like to deepen their connection to their partner / lover.
  • Aging Men.
  • Men that would like to experience a deeper understanding of their sexual energy.
  • Men looking to boost their life energy.
  • Men interested in energy work and Qigong.
  • We will learn how to Naturally boost testosterone levels. The essential Male Hormone for growth of Muscle, strong bones, sexual potency and anti-aging.
  • We will what is Jing and how important it is to cultivate in our lives.
  • We will learn about natural herbs to boost our sexual potency.
  • We will learn how to cultivate and store our sexual energy.

There is no physical contact with other men, other than huggs and handshakes (if you choose)

It has always been important in all cultures around the world for Men to share as men what it is to be men, to share our fears and anxitys about sex and masculinity.

This is an opportunity to connect with this old tradition and to share what these days is hard to find an appropriate environment for conscious masculine growth.

These techniques help to heal:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • low energy levels
  • Low Male self-Esteem
  • Rekindle relationships that are loosing their sexual connection.
  • Sexual fears and projections.
  • Weak Kidneys
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Boost Immune System
  • General Strength and well-being

You will learn to circulate sexual energy through the body.

To split ejaculation from Orgasm, keeping our seed inside the body, but allowing orgasm to boost our sexual connection.


  • Price: 210 eur
  • Daily schedule: 9.00am-12.00pm & 1.30pm - 5.00pm
  • Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. +48 662 382 453
  • Payments: For booking deposit payment required 50 eur
  • Swift code (BIC): EEUHEE2X
  • IBAN: EE751010220257257227
  • Venue: Krzywy Ratusz, ul. Pokrętna 43, Osiedle Krzywa Iwiczna, 05-500 Nowa Iwiczna,

Non residential course, accommodation possible via 

About Simon Calder

Simon has been involved in Eastern practices since the age of 5 where he was introduced to Judo and the elements of mindful practice in relation to body awareness and compassionate respect for others. At 13 he was introduced to a Benedictine monk who introduced him to western spiritual sciences of 'Teilhard de Chardin', and other western esoteric enlightenment systems. At 17 he came to study with Master Choy a Daoist master from China. Who taught the Taoist perspective to life, mindfulness, Qigong and internal cultivation. From there going to art Collage and studying as a painter and Graphic Designer, running Art studios. Deciding to leave the UK and be full time in Asia, Simon has been travelling and studying in India, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia and Bali. Practicing with Shamans and Yogis in Nepal, Chinese Masters in Malaysia and Bali and Divine Yogis and Tantra teachers in India and Bali, for the last 13 years. The culmination of these travels and practices has given a deeper understanding to the qualities and relationships to the connection between Mindfulness and the myofascial matrix, which is a profound passion to cultivate and share this incredible understanding through Yin Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness. To produce a mind body understanding towards freedom through compassion.